Posted by: jdiscover | July 9, 2010

Best For The Team

Well, we finally know where LeBron James is going. LeBron is going to the Miami Heat. He explained; “Winning is a huge thing for me….The major reason in my decision was the best opportunity for me to win, to win now and in the future also.” For LeBron, the grass is greener in Miami. The goal of his life’s journey is winning.  To reach his individual goal he chooses to part from his team.

In this week’s Parasha we read that the tribes of Gad and Reuven do not wish to move on with the other tribes into the land of Israel. They as shepherds are happy on the east bank of the Jordan where as they tell Moshe “this place is fit for livestock.” They wish to part from their team, the other tribes of Israel, because the grass is greener in Gilad.

Don’t worry, they assure Moshe, we will not completely abandon our people. They promise to send all of their men of military age along with the troops of the other tribes to capture the Land. “We will not return to our homes until the Children of Israel have inherited each-man his inheritance.”  Just one thing they must do first; “Sheep fences we will build, for our livestock here, and towns for our little-ones.”

When Moshe responds in the affirmative to their request he says; “Build yourselves towns for your little-ones and fences for your flocks.” Notice the subtle change in Moshe’s response. He reverses the order of their proposed actions. First build for your children then for your sheep. Moshe is saying, “Okay, change your life’s paths, but get your priorities straight. Families first; possessions later!” It is as if Moshe is saying, “Don’t forget the home team!”

We all, at times, need to change or adapt our life paths. Many factors can go into our decision making but we must remember it is not only about what is best for us as individuals we must take into account what is best for our team.

Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi David Rose



  1. This was a great article, I very much enjoyed the read! Cleveland fans are really unhappy that Lebron chose to go to Miami but I think they are taking this too much to heart. Lebron is a very good player that hasn’t one a championship and feels that he can win one in Miami rather than Cleveland. He doesn’t owe anything to the Cavs because for the most part he played his hardest throughout his time in Cleveland. I have never liked and never will like Lebron but I feel that all the criticism that he is getting is unfair. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I would love to hear your opinion on my thoughts.

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